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Side A
1. 7 Guitars of Hell (intro) 02:57
2. Rape of the Wolf Women 03:50
3. Curse of the Two Blind People 03:21
4. The Bitch Is Mine (Sex with Satan) 02:44
Side B
5. Zabar, the Hideous Horned Demon 05:00
6. Midnight (Virgin Sacrifice) 02:33
7. Legions of Hell 02:47
8. Rape the Witch's Daughter 03:53

SATAN'S MASSACRE is without a doubt one of the strangest bands to emerge in recent years. Hailing from New York City, the band is a duo, composed of King Evil on vocals and Black Legion on Hellish guitar - the band has no bass player or drummer, yet they still manage to create heavy-duty black metal featuring really sick lyrics, which deal with such delicious topics as Satanic worship, raping and sacrificing virgins and witches, and being raped and devoured by hideous demons. In fact, the songs "Rape Of The Wolf-Women" is about men being raped by female wolf-creatures, and was written for the soundtrack of an upcoming independently-produced horror film of the same name. I met up with King Evil recently for an interview, and here's what transpired:

Q: You certainly have a unique sound. What are some of your influences?

A: Horror films! We got into all kinds, especially the gore stuff like "The Evil Dead"  as well as the old Vincent Price flicks like "The Pit & the Pendulum" and "Masque of the Red Death" As far as bands go, our main influence has to be the old PLASMATICS, followed by BATHORY, CELTIC FROST, and HELLHAMMER - we like anything with an evil, "Doom" feel, and we liked the overall raunch of Wendy O, still kicks ass! I'm glad she's still around.

Q: Yeah, I'm a big fan of her myself. But I find it interesting that you also mention being influced by newer bands that are considered "death metal," because you aren't really a death metal band. What are your views on the whole death metal scene, and where do you see SATAN'S MASSACRE fitting in.

A: Well, as you said, we are'nt really death metal, but I'd definitely put us in the "black metal" category, we just play some raw, sick black metal which is really raunchy-sounding but is'nt just noise. Total speed is not our main concern. As for the death metal scene, well, a ot of bands are crap but there are some I like alot, such as BATHORY, SLAYER, CELTIC FRSOT,as well as KREATOR. These bands are not just fast, but they are heavy as well. Most of the other bands though - superfast music and Satanic lyrics mean nothing if there's no raw emotion.

Q: You seem to have quite an opinion about death metal! Are there any other types of bands you listen to?

A: Yes, definitely, we get into all types of metal. Black Legion <guitarist of band> is really into METAL CHURCH as well as some of the German bands like RUNNING WILD, GRAVE DIGGER, and HELLOWEEN. We're bothbig fans of old EXCITER, MANOWAR <No, you can't make this shit up>, SABBATH, and MAIDEN. I'm also heavily into GRIFFIN, they kick total ass, but they seem to have been forgotten.

Q: What's your favorite song?

A: Well, personally I think "Curse Of The Two Blind People" is the best song - It's the first one we wrote, but people seem to like "Rape The Witch's Daughter" That is by far and away he most popular SATAN'S MASSACRE song. I also thought "Rape Of The Wolf-Women" came out better than we expected. On the whole we're really happy with this tape.

Q: How did you happen to get involved with the film "Rape Of The Wolf-Women"?

A: Well, we know the producer and the director, and we were all sitting around one day talking about this when they had for a film called "Rape Of The Wolf-Women," we liked the ideas they had so much that Black Legion and I volunteered to do the soundtrack, They said "Hey, great!" The movie is in rehearsal now and should be killer when it's finally released - it's about a group of wolf-women who go around raping men and get themselves pregnant - then they'll spawn wolf-creatures and take over the world!?

Q: Well, I'll certainly keep an eye out for that one! Anything else you'd care to add to wrap this interview up?

A: Yes, I'd like to say thanks to all the evil fuckers out there who support us, we salute you. The best from SATAN'S Fucking MASSACRE is yet to come.