MB - 'Mectpyo Bakterium' CD

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1 Fetish Pinksha 24:56
2 Stérile Règles 24:24
3 Placenta 4:50
4 Untitled 3:37

Tracks 1 and 2 produced at Mectpyo Studio - 1981 in Milano, Italy.
First issued on LP by DYS Records, 1982, Ft Collins, Colorado, USA.
Tape re-mastering: Elettroformati, Milano, 1998.

Track 3 first issue: "40 Days/40 Nights" (Stratosphere Music), 1983, Saitama-Ken, Japan.
Track 4 first issue: "International Friendship" (Syncord), 1983, Ingelheim, Germany.

2014 repress, originally released in 1998. First issued by the Mnemonists' label (Dys in the U.S.) in 1982. M.B.: proto-electronics, compositions, arrangements. Mektpyo Bakterium is a work furnished of implacable plastic exasperation. The icy oppression, the hallucinative electronic wounds, are a precious and singular fact in a technological society brought to the limit. The emotion is pushed into dangerous zones, and unusual zones, and unusual tensions -- free biological groans of extreme effectiveness. A vivid expression of a world in extinction! Bonus tracks: "Placenta," first issued on the 40 Days/40 Nights picture-disc LP in 1982, and the M.B. contribution to the International Friendship compilation LP from 1983. Fifth in the "ArcheoMB" CD reissue series.