KHASHM - Serpents of Death Digi-CD

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1. The Burning Sigil 01:59
2. Last Breath of The Universe 04:37
3. Through A Void 04:53
4. Roots of Creation 03:47
5. Dark Rivers of Chaos 03:30
6. For I Am Devil's Fury 05:10
7. Devouring The Sun 03:35
8. The Awakening of A Great Serpent 04:07
9. Amen 01:39
10. The Hidden One 05:43
11. For The Glory of Death 06:51

KHASHM album "Serpents of Death" was recorded and released in 2013. Dark monument to the anticosmic energies of Chaos, embodied in aggressive and mysterious form of black metal, scorched by the flames of hatred and blasphemy. Now it will be released through Zazen Sounds with totally new visual art, which reflects the wicked essence of an album better than ever before.
On this release You will hear 2 bonus tracks taken from the rare selftitled "Khashm" EP, released before only on 7-inch vinyl through Iron Bonehead Productions in 2017