MAQUAHUITL - Pehualli - Live in Finland LP

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All copies availble on white vinyl, with Japaese style tip-on jacket, professional recorded, mixed and mastered live recording, Indigenous might alive.


A brutal Anahuacian black metal solar raids over the Finland fjords, Maquahuitl’s live ritual at Steelfest’s masterful 2023 iron fist festival is now finally available to acolytes for the first time. Needing no introduction, Maquahuitl has torn a wretched infamy amongst the tomb cults over the ages, staking its claim as one the leaders in the Native American black metal niche, composing a grand library of neo-folk influenced black magick metal grimoires that need to be experienced to be truly believed. Here upon Pehualli - Live in Finland at Steelfest 2023, Maquahuitl executed a wonderful litany of its greatest works to date, proving to the European hordes of the might wrought from the sun and the blood sacrificed in worship to its life giving rays of solar supremacy.