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Enslaving all mantras of peace onto the matrix of shackles, laying low the hosts of tangible flesh, and carving loose the veins of the weak—comes the warnoise ascension of Tsalal, that which brings quiver of skin, and rattle of tooth. This campaign of ennui genocide has been an ongoing effort of this entity of ruin proclamation for many seasons of bitter fury. Only now, the iron sky of GoatowaRex cult worship lending mailed fist of cryptic alliance, does Tsalal bring one of its greatest works into the ephemeral world; Transmutation War to be made available to acolytes through the carnal medium of vinyl wax.

To say of the calamity of sound that encompasses Tsalal would be a foul understatement, as Transmutation War is a stark thesis of brutal—multiverse breaking—apostasy, one that seeks not only to rend the flesh from those acolytes brave enough to experience it, but also frays their spirits, weaves of light crushed in the throats of perfidy. For all those seeking to test the limits of their inner spectral networks of misanthropic enmity, need stalk those colossal chambers no longer; for only through the beauty of transmutation may the faces of their resolve be reshaped, reformed to that of exquisite ruin.

Snapping skulls and taking souls, Tsalal’s Transmutation War is not for the faint hearted, and pushes the bloodstained envelope in regards to audial torture. Acolytes of dissonance essence would be foolish to disregard this incantation of entropic devastation, as it emits a visceral atmosphere of merciless despair, penetrating the minds of those it swallows whole and digesting them into a tsunami of boiled flesh—not even the embryonic shadow of thought left in its wake. Illusion torn in the rape of enlightment, the limbs of destiny grasp all those spheres of horror, the forms of chaos made sacrosanct upon the warped flesh altar of reflective perdition.