FOREST TEMPLE - From Stardust Bled Into Soil - The Trees Whisper LP (50% off)

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Side A: Twilight Within The Ancient Wood
A1 The Trees Carry The Spirit's Song
A2 The Grinning Forest
A3 The River Demands Sacrifice
A4 Shrines Amongst The Leaves
A5 Beholding The Throne Of Cernunnos
A6 Spectres Atop The Moss-Covered Ruins
Side B: Fantasy And Fable From Beyond The Mythic Realm
B1 Sprites Dance Before The Court Of Oberon
B2 Martyrs Nailed To The Castle Gate
B3 Knights Slain Within The Courtyard Arbour
B4 From The Firmament To The Bottom Of A Well
B5 Gathered In Celebration Of The King's New Dragon
B6 Discovering The Slumbering God Leagues Beneath The Sea

Wept forth from the bark of ages, rays of starlight emitting fantasy realms of creeping whisper and hypnotic melody, comes herald that foundation of weald worship known by the hymn of Forest Temple. Wrought by the arcane ministrations of the Lupine Warleader, Lepidus Plague—more infamous for his work with Kommodus—Forest Temple has been ensorcelling an eerie construct of dungeon synth sorcery since the age of 2019, spellcraft of sombre dreams and dreadful splendour. Twin incantation by title of Twilight of the Ancient Wood and Fantasy and Fable from Beyond the Mythic Realm were the first unleashed in this age, and now, by the iron oak of GoatowaRex supreme sagacity, does this pair of incantations come to acolytes upon raven black of wax vinyl.

From Stardust Bled Into Soil - The Trees Whisper is a compilation of celestial succour, the wandering tales of spirits caught between the power of Oberon and the dance of his faerie court. A melodic driven dungeon synth dedication to the unseen and unheard magicks of the infinite spheres, one steeped in mystery and beautiful spectral atmospherics. An ode to those knights slain, rusted armour dragging them down beneath well water of woe, skeletal faces submerged within the minstrels madness. A taste of the Forest Temple’s earliest inception, those seeking a deep dirge into the realms of dungeon synth, need lap their tongues upon the ocean of the ages no longer. The Forest Temple takes root in the mind, sends seed upon spectral winds to the spirit.

Available soon upon raven of wax black vinyl. The river demands sacrifice, the temple commands servitude.