FOREST TEMPLE – Spectral Threads Of A Cosmic Dream Digi-CD (50% off)

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6-panel digipack

A1 The Last Unicorn
A2 Visiting the Seer at Dawn
A3 The Frowning Forest
A4 Fall On My Sword
A5 Bathed In Purple Light (Return To Stardust)
A6 And The Feudal Ghosts Feast
B1 Where Spectral Voyeurs Comet And Pierce
B2 Wandering Within Purgatory's Mist
B3 I: Ascendance II: Judgement III: Punishment
B4 The Old Ones Whisper From Beneath The Frozen Lake
B5 An Embryonic God Stirs Within A Volcanic Womb
B6 Return Of The Necromancer