NOCTURNAL TYRANT - Drowned in Eternal Desolation LP (Black)

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Limited to 150 copies, all copies on black vinyl with Japanese style tip-on gatefold and OBI.


An ironfist of rusted raw black metal malice and forged within the international conspiracies between North America and Catalonia, Nocturnal Tyrant crushes all in its path with sharpest of blade and wickedness of heart. Born in the age of 2021, Nocturnal Tyrant is an all-star contemporary black metal alliance, one formed of three members, pain percussionist Amargor (Amagor, Vampyric Winter & Standing Far), string master Roanoke (Till, Xirgan & Geist of Ouachita) and grim orator Sanguinous Moth (ARNA, Nightgaunt & Northern Solitude). Here with their debut full-length incantation, Drowned in Eternal Desolation, Nocturnal Tyrant prove the malevolence in their dissonant, yet ultimately infectious competitions, ones that feature; a host of heartrending tremolo riffs, pulsating rhythmic percussion, croaking black rasps, compelling spell construction, decadent gothic thematics, and an entropic delight of tomb terror production. A truly powerful and captivating experience from an all-star roster of contemporary black metal sorcerers, Nocturnal Tyrant’s Drowned in Eternal Desolation, is a potent orthodox corruption of vampiric might.