HOLLOWS TOWER/MOONSHRINE - Cooked, Boiled, Conjoined into Death LP

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2 of the finest underground projects doing split release, Hollows Tower from UK, and Moonshrines plays pure Norwegian Black Metal.


Hailing from towers high and shrines low, breaks forth an oath sworn in conjoined gravel heresy, of raw black noise necromancy by harmful hands of Hollows Tower and Moonshrine, conspiring upon this split incantation known as Cooked, Boiled & Conjoined into Death ... Born in 2020, Hollows Tower is the Albonic masterwork of the infamous stone knocker, Nihtgenge (Aad Sleck, Odious Hiss & Ravensrealm), who utilises this entity to purvey a ruinous hissing black noise terror; one wrought with melancholic melody, primitive percussion, spectral oration and subterranean atmospherics. Born in 2022, Moonshrine is the Norwegian lunar soliloquy of Oligarrheneae (Altertum & Vorgfang), who wields this entity to unchain an orthodox lo-fi black metal morbidity; one ensorcelled with eerie synth, sorrowful tremolo, blitzkrieg percussion, atmospheric shroud and howling vocal lament. Needless to preach, Cooked, Boiled & Conjoined into Death … is a formulation of furious tomb cult coalescence that no acolyte of the raw, lo-fi and cryptic should be without—forming configurations of cruel shadow to drape the heavens in dreariest dirge.