SA SLAYER - Go For the Throat/Prepare to Die CD Slipcase

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High Roller Records, reissue 2023, slipcase, double sided poster, Original vinyl transfer, audio restoration and mastering by Patrick W. Engel at TEMPLE OF DISHARMONY in 2015.

Go For The Throat 3:25
Upon Us The End 4:03
If You Want Evil 4:36
Off With Their Heads 3:22
Ride Of The Horsemen 3:36
Ancient Swords 3:40
TLO 22 0:57
The Witch Must Burn 6:11
Hell Will Be Thy Name 3:49
Power To Burn 5:21

The Door 0:52
Prepare To Die 4:08
Final Holocaust 3:59
Unholy Book 4:16
To Ride The Demon Out 3:54