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Celebrating the official release of VENENUM 'Trance of Death' today. Buy the new LP and pick up GRAVE COMMAND at the same time with their cover of "Waltz in Hell" by Mighty Sphincter and save $6.66.

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Release date: March 17

VENENUM 'Trance of Death' LP / Digi-CD
and released in conspiracy with Sepulchral Voice Rex
The German band has been crafting this one for over 5 years and, as they say, the wait was worth every minute. The intensity of the last work is still present , but this one offers a bit more range of emotion and exploration. Some compare it to 'DMDS' era Mayhem of 'Sworn' era Watain, while others find expressions reminiscent of 'Formulas' era Tribulation or Morbus Chron. Others note hints of Pink Floyd in so far as the range of this one is way beyond that of most Death Metal albums. 50 minutes of music in a gatefold jacket.
Release date: March 20
ALUK TODOLO 'archives vol. 1' LP format only
and released in collaboration with Temple of Torturous
'archives vol. 1' is "comprised of rarities, B-sides, and unheard tracks that chart the first ten years of the band’s existence."
The band continues, " “We selected those tracks, because they were still in our consciousness after all these years. We approached the release as a whole, assembled the tracks focussing on dynamic, like we did for our latest studio album Voix (instead of making it chronological). For us it’s a way to revisit our 10 first years, and use recordings we made on our own, be it rehearsal tracks, or work-in-progress steps, rare tracks releases or just experimentations."
ALUK TODOLO just finished performing two nights at Stardust Fest and a string of west coast dates. They will be on tour in Europe with Oranssi Pazuzu in April with a performance of 'Voix' at Roadburn.

by Thomas Karlsson
is now back in print after being unavailable for over 3 years (and reaching prices well and above $85 online). This fourth printing is the same as the third, being a paperback with the french flaps and a glossy color section. 272 pages.
Dr. Thomas Karlsson is a founding member of the magical order from Sweden called Dragon Rouge, which was brought to manifestation on New Year's Eve, 1989. He is the author of several books and has attended conferences in America where he also led group workings.
This book is still considered to be one of the most accessible and legitmate books on the subject matter, as is attested by the high demand, collectibility and use by a diverse range of practitioners.

and released in collaboration with Ván Records
The mystical, oriental music project of Mors Dalos Ra (of Necros Christos) and Ben Ya Min Al Dee.
- full colored jacket
- 4/4 heavy inner sleeve
- two-sided 4/4 DINA2 poster
- first edition comes as 180g black virgin vinyl
- approximately 28 minutes in length.

TEITANBLOOD 'Accursed Skin' 12"
Released in conspiracy with Norma Evangelium Diaboli
"Accursed Skin" 
"Sanctified Dysecdysis"
Includes a 12"x12" double-sided insert with lyrics.

                Lucifer Rising Side A 17:36
                Lucifer Rising Side B 25:59
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Full length LP with printed inner sleeve and spot gloss jacket.
In 1966, Bobby BeauSoleil is performing music in San Francisco and meets Kenneth Anger. Anger and Bobby agree to work together. Some music is made, some darkness befalls the scene, the two fall out. Forward to 1969, the year that Bobby ends up in prison. Anger moves ahead and in 1972 he turns to Jimmy Page to take over making the music for his film, but this pairing is doomed to fail. Ultimately the original Lucifer, Bobby, reconnects with Kenneth. Things coalesce in 1976 when, with the consent of the prison authorities, Bobby records the Lucifer Rising music with other inmates of the facilities of Tracy, CA. It’s not until 1980 that the originally pressing on LP of Lucifer Rising in an edition of 1000 copies.
Several variations of the soundtrack pop up in the ensuing years, but it is not until 2009 that an elaborate presentation of the complete Lucifer Rising Suite as a 4 album boxset manifest, with the original release and session recordings related to the original soundtrack sessions.
                “When I composed and recorded the soundtrack for a reconceptualized Lucifer Rising a decade after the first abandoned attempt I drew on my own life experiences to tell the story in music evocative of the mythical Lucifer awakening in his pit of despair, rekindling his torch, and rising like a phoenix from the ashes of his own unmaking to begin his long journey from the dark recesses of the underworld — shedding his pride along the way in his uncompromising desire to regain the Beloved.” 

WHITE HELL 'Lucifer' 7"
Officially re-issued Japanese 7" from 1985. Until a few years ago some metal collectors argued that this physical 7" never existed.
It's got everything one wants with a "rediscovered" gem: killer art, exceptionally great Venom inspired anachronistic production and unbelievably great lyrics, which include lines such as: I’m the messenger from Hell // I bear the number / 666 / I wear the cross / Dirty, filthy, upside down.
3 tracks: Lucifer, Nuclear, White Hell

Other distributed titles we also offer:
'1986-2016 30th Anniversary'
Double gatefold LP
Collection LP made in 500 gatefold copies to celebrate the Drape's 30th anniversary. 3 sides feature "best of" material picked by Erik of Watain, Side 4 has 3 unreleased live songs and an incredible Mercyful Fate cover - the first/only cover Mortuary Drape ever did! All artwork penned by the master Mark Riddick. All copies come with an unblessed host.


This is an all independent self-released project by the involved bands...
Black Metal from and for the underground, in the true sense of the word, since this
journey leads to the uttermost region...
Not to be seen as a 4-way split with 4 distinct songs, but as a collaborative project where one songs melds into the other.




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Cadaver Synod

These are now a reality:

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VENENUM "Cold Threat" preview.

"Cold Threat"

The first song premiere from the new record by Germany's VENENUM forth coming full-length album: 'Trance of Death'

Out on March 17th, 2017

Released in conspiracy with Sepulchral Voice Rex.

Written by The Ajna Offensive — February 13, 2017

MORTUARY DRAPE '30th Anniversary' DLP

Now in stock!

500 gatefold copies celebrating the Drape's 30th anniversary. 3 sides feature "best of" material picked by Erik of Watain, Side 4 has 3 unreleased live songs and an incredible Mercyful Fate cover - the first cover Mortuary Drape ever did! All artwork penned by the master Mark Riddick. All copies come with an unblessed host.

We're down to our last copies of 'Spiritual Independence' limited yellow LPs / Digi CDs and the split with Necromass on LP and CD.

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Stardust & Eternal Warfare presents:

USA 2017

Aluk Todolo will be back in February 2017 for two sets at NYC's Stardust VI, and will team up with the instrumental doom drone band Insect Ark for a week of shows on the West Coast.
Last time Aluk Todolo played in the USA was under the stars of Stella Natura Fest, in 2012.
Since then the band has released Occult Rock and Voix, two milestones in their discography, an adventurous and magical exploration of black metal, psychedelic rock and jazz.

Feb 3,4,5 New York - Stardust VI - St Vitus
Feb 7 Seattle - Highline
Feb 8 Portland - High water mark
Feb 9 San Francisco - Elbo Room
Feb 10 Sacramento - The Colony
Feb 11 Los Angeles (Glendale California) - the Complex

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'Accursed Skin'

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Lucifer Rising, The Original Soundtrack - Complete

Forty years or so ago Bobby BeauSoleil conceived of the music for Lucifer Rising as a single continuous piece of music, a 45-minute rock symphony. Despite the rigors and challenges imposed by his imprisonment he delivered his psychedelic opus, fully realized, and presented it as a complete work on LP in 1979.

This commemorative reissue on the Ajna label is faithful to the artist's original conception, restored to a seamless whole by returning to the nascent mix tape and giving it a fresh mastering for the ultimate in audio fidelity.

A limited run of silkscreened posters and t-shirts are also available from Ajna.

To read the story about the creation of the music for Lucifer Rising visit Bobby www.BobbyBeauSoleil.com/Blotter.

Written by The Ajna Offensive — November 15, 2016