VOODUS- Into the Wild DLP

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'Into the Wild' DLP

A1 The Awakening And The Ascension
A2 The Golden
A3 Gnothi Seauton
B1 Into The Wild
B2 Communion Amid The Graves
C1 Dreams From An Ancient Mind PT I
C2 Dreams From An Ancient Mind PT II
D1 The Terrain Of Moloch

All music is performed and written by Voodus except for the lyrics to: “Communion Amid The Graves” - Handed to us under the fullmoon by Idlu Lili Regulus, Io Io hekate! “The Terrain Of Moloch” - by The Great Johannes Kvarnbrink, a true master of words and inspiration! The whispers/words spoken in “Dreams From An Ancient Mind PT II” written by Aleister Crowley.