VENENUM- Trance of Death CD

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'Trance of Death' Digi-CD

    Merging Nebular Drapes
    The Nature of the Ground
    Cold Threat
    Trance of Death Part I- Reflections
    Trance of Death Part II- Metanola Journey
    Trance of Death Part III- There Are Other Worlds…

"It makes a difference in effort and time. Either to dig six feet deep or to build a necropolis. VENENUM decided for the latter… and it was worth every fucking second of waiting.

5 years after the successful self-titled mini-album, VENENUM strike with their debut full-length: ‘Trance of Death.’ The album presents VENENUM on a new level of devotion and continas new and never before heard layers of darkness. The six new compositions and introduction theme are a grand melding of unique visisons and unaltered traditions woven and blended into a complex unit of sacred horror. ‘Trance of Death’ is far away from being another one-dimensional tribute to the grave… it is reverence and praise; a hymn to the impending end of all things.

Artwork and layout by Timo Ketola."