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Encyclopædia Goetica Volume I

by Jake Stratton-Kent

280 pp

I · Introduction
The Importance of the True Grimoire
Goetia and Sigils
The Context of the Grimoire
The Art Armadel

II · The True Grimoire
The First Part
The Second Part
The Third Part
The Cabala of the Green Butterfly

III · Notes to the Grimoire
Notes on the First Part
Who are the Spirits?
A Unified Hierarchy of Goetic Spirits
Notes on the Second Part
Comment on the Second Part
On Constructing Verum Spells
Notes on the Third Part
The Ritual Procedure of the Grimoire
Planetary Days and Hours

The Spirits of the Seven Days
On the Cabala of the Green Butterfly
The Cabala of the Black Pullet
Astaroth, Lady of the Crossroads
Goetia & the New World
Verum & the Brazilian Cult of Quimbanda


The True Grimoire is a major contribution to the practice and study of magic, and is the first part of the Encyclopædia Goetica. Here the maligned Grimorium Verum has been restored to its rightful place as a coherent and eminently workable system of goetic magic. Jake Stratton-Kent has reconstructed a working version from the corrupted Italian and French versions of the grimoire. As a practicing necromancer with 40 years of experience his Verum is a clear exposition of how to contact and build a relationship with the spirits.

The True Grimoire springs from the source of goetic magic, enabling us to unlock the secrets of the other grimoires. We are given insights into the Dragon Rouge, Key of SolomonLemegetonAbramelinHonorius, and the Black Pullet. This is a treasure trove for the student of magic. The True Grimoire lets us experience a grimoire tradition with links back to the Græco-Egyptian magical papyri and the necromancy of the original Goes. It also situates Verum in relation to a living tradtion, one which has taken root in the New World, finding expression in Quimbanda and the legion of Exus, the ‘people of the cemetery’ who have clear Verum equivalents.

This is a constistently illuminating text. The copious notes of a working magician, combined with a scholarly attention to detail, enable us to use this text for its original purpose. The hierarchy of Verumand goetic spirits is restored, and the nature of Astaroth is discusses. The planetary hours are explained, as are all the ritual requirements and preparations.