THE PACT + Symbolism and Mythology

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THE PACT by Negative Plane and Ben Harff is now in stock again.

105 copies.

THE PACT by Nameless Void. With stunning illustrations by Ben Harff. A German artist who, among other projects, is illustrating his own version of Tolkien’s Silmarillion.

The book includes the song lyrics and accompanying art as found in the album's release, song explanations by Nameless Void and artistic symbolism by Ben. Also included is the Negative Plane interview from Bardo Methodology and a few new pieces of art related to the themes of the album. 

This lovely, oversized hardcover is an accompanying volume for the newest NEGATIVE PLANE's LP, "The Pact...". (Ajna Offensive and Invictus Productions), which is without any shadow of doubt the finest metal album of this year so far.

The book is is limited to one hundred & five copies, of which only ninety of those are being offered to the public. An exquisite book on fine paper with custom end-papers, two-colour offset printing and a fold-out page. 

Board design and book banderole design by Geticus Polus.

The inside of the book was designed by Annick Giroux of the cult heavy metal / doom band CAUCHEMAR.

Mount Abraxas Press and Ajna Offensive are the only distributors of this book.