SODALITY - Benediction Part 1 LP

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Comes with a 4 pages booklet. Black vinyl.

The genesis of “Benediction” can be traced to Hungary. Or more precisely, an encounter with a photography book, weathered by time, depicting rituals of the Christian faith: masses, moments of devotion to the saints, and prayers. These black-and-white photographs – which capture moments of selfless abandonment, ascetic discipline, and obedience – were veritably vibrating with the malefica inherent to Christianity. A markedly sinister presence of old crones, usually considered beacons of benevolence, appeared to make reality crack and reveal the latent image behind Catholic faith and ritual. The album’s title, naturally, should be read ambiguously. 

A1 Possession 10:26
A2 Rapture 8:57
B1 The Nativity Aka Heathen Angel 10:20
B2 With Faithful Voice I Make My Supplication 7:54