SATURNALIA TEMPLE - To The Other Digi-CD (40% off)

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'To The Other' digi-CD.

1. Intro
2. ZazelSorath
3. To The Other
4. Snow Of Reason
5. March Of Gha'agsheblah 
6. Black Sea Of Power
7. CrownedWithSeven 
8. Void 

The strong occult and dark magical backbone is more prevalent than ever, and as a band that actually started before the current occult trend. There are no fetishistic hoods, blood or pentagrams. "To The Other" is instead a relentless journey through the downfall of the world and the rise of the individual striving against the grain.

The title “To The Other” signifies that it is a gift from the band to both the Other Side, and to all that is in the shadows, the other side of existence, that which has been neglected by the everyday world of light.