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Eigh 3:44
Sceptre 7:04
Toujours Vers Le Tombeau 5:30
Allées Du Palais 7:37
Frisson D'Éternité 9:04
Trois Longs Hivers 4:44
Porter L'Épée 4:58

By raven wing of black frosted glamour and chilling embrace of the eternal, vibrates that enigmatic audial phantom known only by whispered herald of Sanctuaire, whose south of synth and brutal of black weeps astral rain from the stars. Birthed from the icy soil of Quebec in the age of 2013, Sanctuaire has been ensorcelling a great wealth of grimoires in the vein of ambient black metal mystery magick for almost a decade, its arcane potency growing with each incarnation intoned. Its first full-length incantation, Echo 3 - Frisson d'éternité was unchained in the pestilence of 2019, in which, now, by the iron snow of GoatowaRex tomb sword spectre, does this fantastically atmospheric incantation come to acolytes by medium of blackest vinyl wax.

Captivating from the first sweeping lament of synth, Echo 3 - Frisson d'éternité is a frigid excursion into the depths of immortal glacier. The third opus of the Echo incantation series, Echo 3 - Frisson d'éternité is a lonely experience of ambient synth soundscape, one that breaks its aural solace with the punctuation of meandering guitar, textured sample and mournful keyboard melodics; all awash in a truly icy atmosphere to weave all aforementioned elements into a tapestry of sword gleam glamour. The dark fields palace walkways lay frozen by three long winters of lunar wonder as tepid tombs yawn in excavation of eerie evocation.