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'Urkaos' DLP

A1 Credamus 2:38
A2 In Blando Xpi Sibilo 9:39
A3 Ecclesia's Call 5:46
B1 Ecclesia's Call 5:55
B2 Sermon Below The Mount 7:36
B3 Omen 5:23
C1 The Lord Is... 5:39
C2 The Lord Is... 8:45
C3 URKAOS 8:06
D1 (no audio) 0:14
D2 Untitled 18:40

Gatefold. Slight artwork variation. 28-page booklet professionally printed, folded and stapled this time. 

URKAOS was recorded and conceived during 11 days in full potential at Urkaos 1350/1762 Studios, Torsång, and the Medieval Church of Torsång, Dalecarlia, Sweden, July 2006. 

All English lyrical expressions and texts, 1999-2006, all music, 2000-2006. 
Mixed and engineered as well as recorded July-September 2006. 
All translations and interpretations, interpunctuations and blanks inserted from the original scriptura continua from the Latin, August 2006.