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One of a collection of books obtained by a collector of occult grimoires. Like all of the books from this collection: they appear to have be opened in only some cases, and remain like new, unless otherwise stated. 

Qliphoth Opus III – The Cycles ov Primal Kaos

by Edgar Kerval


Nephilim Press

149 pp

Hardcover – Limited Edition of only 500 copies, imitation snake skin with embossed red and black designs

Qliphoth Opus III – The Cycles Ov Primal Kaos, edited by Edgar Kerval, is a collection of magickal writings from several authors, including Asenath Mason, S. Connelly, Daemon Barzai, Edgar Kerval and others.

According to Kerval;

“Qliphoth journal is a grimoire focusing the diverse paths of magick in its entire splendor. Our main focus is to cross the paths of knowledge via praxis ritual and gnosis, working intensely in each one of the volumes offeredvhere. Through this third opus called The Cycles Ov Primal Kaos, the focus is to go back to such primal states of consciousness through the methods of atavistic resurgence awakening the immortal essence of the self, through the development of our own divinity with direct experience with spirits, servitors, guardians, and loas of our own temples. It is there where the sacred nectar’s are consumed… where the secret seed incarnates, through the hidden labyrinths and the secret wisdom veiled by the tendrils of Trans human entities… So then, we enter once again The Cycles Ov Primal Kaos.”