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1 Amabhastashashtra
2 Byacharvikshashan
3 Suryapurna

In ominous upheaval of the serpentine parallels, as the annihilation abyssal opens a yawning maw of blackest termination, writhes the cyclical force of the militant entity known only as Obhyantar. Born into this world of bloodstained bestiality in the age of 2022, Obhyantar is the raw black metal commando of death squad shadow, one that is aligned with the defiant hatred of the Indian Kolkata Inner Order, that has unchained two demo incantations of subterranean slaughter. So it would be that the first of these demo incantations would be brought to suffer strife acolytes by the iron domination of GoatowaRex infanticidal artillery.

Wreathed in the war smoke of a world enslaved by immortal rage, Abhyamudra is the carnal key to the dingy depths of the unconscious mortal collective. Brimming with the hellfire heinous, Abhyamudra is a slathering concussion of lo-fi raw black metal mutilation, whose battering of steel weapon percussion tears flesh from throat and spits bile upon the subservient, gnawing reverb tremolo distortions possessing spirit with each flicker of mortal light choked dark into the interminable recesses of total death destruction. A colossal force of spine shattering power, Obhyantar marches to a martial melody all of its own making, grasping the chthonic with both titanium talons and riding the grin of the dead into the virginal vulvas of the blessed mother slave brood.