MEPHORASH - 1557: The Rites of Nullification LP

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I RIPHYON - The Tree of Assiyah Putrescent 9:28
II PHEZUR - Dissolving The Sea of Yetzirah 10:43
III CHEIDOLUN - Destroying The Blade of Beriah 10:41
IV BERBERIOTH - Vandalising The Throne of Atziluth 11:45

LP (black vinyl) version:
-Noble gatefold printed on 350gsm paper
-Gold hot-foil printed cover

Shadow Records proudly presents the rerelease of the 3rd album by Mephorash entitled "1557: The Rites of Nullification". Originally released in 2016 and undoubtedly a true masterpiece which has paved the way for Mephorash and the band they are today.