FOUR WINDS OF REVELATION - Various Artists LP (50% off)

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Spider God– The Master's Malady 7:55
Revenant Marquis– Rainbows 5:03
The Oracle (10)– Eternal Recurrence 6:43
The Sun's Journey Through The Night– Howling Winds Of Nietzchean Madness 7:38

Comes with a 10 page booklet.

Of Albion and America do these four winds come by foulest rasp of raw black metal malevolence, each in splendour of sorrow in conspiracy, by herald of four names and four tyrants. Each brings their own tortuous trademarks to this split incantation of quadrangle breeze delight, allowing for an experience of varied alchemical power, black metal and dark ambience brought together in hurricane hunger. True it would be then that the iron cloud cruel of GoatowaRex nimbus necromancy brings this quadrumvirate to acolytes upon raven of blackest vinyl wax.

Four Winds of Revelation is the prophets dream of a heavy atmospheric world possessed of famine and furious storm hunger. Wild riots of black metal melody to be heard from the Spider God, ruinous lambasts of dissonant black metal desecration from the Revenant Marquis, ominous stretches of vast atmospheric black metal by rays of The Sun's Journey Through the Night and dark ambient orations from the foulest auguries told by The Oracle. Acolytes searching for the myriad flavours of misery upon their most barbed of tongues, shall find their thirst slaked here, as they drink deep of the perdition spoken of upon four winds of revelatory damnation.