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Excerpt from an interview in Bardo Methodology #6 with D. Rostén of Funeral Mist and Marduk.
One musical outlet of Rostén’s likely to be spared such comparisons is his new project,domjord. A full-length album, “Sporer”, will be released in early 2020, courtesy of Vidfare Productions via Norma Evangelium Diaboli and The Ajna Offensive.
– DomJord is an all-electronic project I’ve been working on for some time now. As everyone knows, certain situations call for certain music and certain moods call for certain tunes; having long searched for this specific type of sound without ever really finding anything even remotely close to what I had in mind, I simply decided to make it myself. The original plan – if there ever was one – was to just keep the music for myself and bring it out whenever this particular void needed filling. However, the musician in me felt otherwise and couldn’t just leave it at that. It had to be released, if not to reach out to a supposed listenership with the same or similar needs then at least to put an end to a chapter and move on.

This will probably be categorised as dark ambient or similar, but how would you describe it yourself?
– Very melodic, fairly repetitive, somewhat minimalistic – pulsating and hypnotic, lots of contrast, lots of texture and, as just stated, all electronic… and not that I want to tell people how to listen to music, but this is lay-down-close-your-eyes-and-float-away-music. In other words, the complete opposite of everything I’ve ever released, performed, or taken part of before. As for genre classifications, I’ll leave that to others.
DomJord – Sporer  CD/LP (43:03)
01 Fornblod (04:06)
02 Sporer (10:38)
03 Avgrund (07:37)
04 Ande (06:57)
05 Natt (13:45)