CRIME - Murder by Guitar LP (Used)

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No flaws to report. Simply appears to have been played.

Issued with an insert sheet.
Real photo print attached to the front sleeve, hype sticker on shrink wrap.

Tracks A1 and A2 recorded at Blue Bear, Fall 1976.
Tracks A3 to A6 recorded at Mills College Center for Contemporary Music, Spring 1977.
Tracks A7 to B1 recorded at Different Fur, Winter 1978.
Tracks B2 and B3 recorded at Different Fur, Spring 1979.
Track B4 recorded at Different Fur, Fall 1979.
Tracks B5 and B6 recorded at Different Fur, Spring 1980.
Track B7 recorded at His Master's Wheels, Spring 1978.

A1 Hot Wire My Heart
A2 Baby, You're So Repulsive
A3 Terminal Boredom
A4 Dillinger's Brain
A5 Frustration
A6 Murder By Guitar
A7 Crime Wave
A8 Piss On Your Dog
B1 TV Blue
B2 If Looks Could Kill
B3 Lost Soul
B4 Rockin' Weird
B5 Gangster Funk
B6 Maserati
B7 San Francisco's Doomed