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1. Primitive Sorcery 03:58
2. Possession 04:07
3. Necromantic Communion 04:11
4. Devilpact 03:27
5. Spectral Summoning 04:30
6. Demonic Presence 04:46

The mysterious DIABLERIE surfaced out of the Serbian shadows in 2020 with an amazing self-explanatory release called MMXX and at the time it was only released digitally via DIABLERIE's own bandcamp. However, the recording immediately caught the attention of Septenary Arts and it was agreed that SA would bring out the recording in physical formats.

DIABLERIE's audial art has been described as primitive sorcery and spectral communion – and, indeed, you'll find yourself quickly within an alluring and transcendental world of ancient demonolatry and magick.

Official USA distribution by The Ajna Offensive.