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A1 Vigil Of Shadows 6:48
A2 The Noose Of Golden Thorns 5:44
A3 Corrupted Prayers 3:21
B4 Lantern & Spade 9:46
B5 The Cremation Of Lingering Hope 10:02

Slithering beneath the scum of shadow, greasy film of desolation reflecting the filth of the fenland, hiding that which lies beneath the squalid depths. The one the shamans whisper herald of the Swamp Spirit, the one they call Burier, concealer of dreams and maker of pain.

Wielding the hammer of plague since the age of 2019, this marsh monstrosity has been breathing foulest of incantation since this time, coiling vine thorns of sadism around its victims that grow tighter with each spell spent into the drain hole of existence.

Cremation of Lingering Hope is a journey not only deep down into the depths of the swamp, but also the depths of collective mortal reflection—shapes and shades of memories unearthed from their corrupted grey matter. This incantation delivers not only that which Burier has expressed in audial anguish before—noise pain production, skin peeling tremolo melodies, chattering jaw percussion—for there are many a surprising turn within the darkness of the mind. Dreamy soundscapes of instrumental medley, choral chants of ghostly children, and weary woe sound samples of things best left unheard, are just a few of these terrible treats, leaving acolytes with no standing and no bravery left to them.

Available on an eye-blinding full gold-foil stamp package, with delightful artwork laid out by Burier himself.