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'Dancing Hearts Afire' CD

Originally released as an LP in an edition of 99 copies, this has now been issued on CD for the first time by Bobby.

"In 2012 my dear wife Barbara, a dancer in the American tribal folk dancing style, conceived of a collaboration between she and I in which she would choreograph a dance to an original musical composition of mine. I began my part of the collaboration by composing two versions of a kind tribal percussion track for the piece, a fusion of traditional and non-traditional beats, both roughly 17 minutes long. My part of the collaboration was at this point when, in October of the same year, Barbara unexpectedly died from a brain aneurysm. We had been married nearly 31 years at that point. Being in prison, I couldn't even go to funeral service or attend her memorial with our family. Outwardly I managed to maintain fairly well but inside I was an emotional wreck and struggled to process the loss of my beloved. After a period of unmitigated grief, I realized that what I needed to do was to honor her and her immense significance in my life by finishing the collaboration we had begun before she passed. Dancing Hearts Afire is the artifact from that process. In this recording are the tracks left in the wake of that strange brew of emotions I was experiencing at that time — those that for the most part I could only express in music."