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Black Flame: Study & Practice of the Anticosmic Tradition

by Tau To Naas

Contains several full-page illustrations

Limited to 300 copies, this hardcover edition is bound in black Italian cloth, with the book’s title embossed in gold on the front cover. The spines are hand-sewn and have a ribbon bookmark, with black end-papers.

Specifications: Octavo size (148 x 210 mm.), 120 g. voluminous two side-coated paper with 140 g. black end-papers. 111 pages. 

Black Flame: Study & Practice of the Anticosmic Tradition is an introductory text into the occult current of Chaos Gnosticism. Within its pages, the Tradition’s origins and primal influences are described in detail, taking us in a philosophical journey from ancient Babylonia and India, to modern-day Sweden. This is a foundational book for one’s practice within the Chaos-Gnostic current, one that describes self-initiatory rituals, meditations, and exercises. 

Table of Contents
Chapter One: History and Characteristics of Anticosmic Satanism
Introduction to the MLO/TOTBL
The Essence of Anticosmic Satanism
The Mark of Initiation in Anti-Cosmic Satanism
Luciferian Misanthropy
Chapter Two: Adept of Death
Suicide in Satanic Ideology
Ritual Suicide
Chapter Three: Anticosmic Satanism & the Vulvo-Chthonic Cult
Symbolism and Chthonic Myths
Descent into the Underworld
Chapter Four: Wisdom of Death
Qayinite Cult
The Three Stations of the Reaper
Chapter Five: Initiation into Anticosmic Satanism
Exercises and Rituals
Chapter Six: Chaos-Yoga
Tantra & Chaos
Union with the Other Side
About the Author