BERNSTEIN - The Entity reissue LP (used).

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Record has been played, otherwise in fantastic condition. #30/666.
A case of dressing up a terrible soundtrack in a ritzy package.

A1 Intro And Main Title 1:49
A2 Bath/Attack 1:31
A3 Beach Scene 1:05
A4 Iceberg 1:29
A5 Carla & Jerry 1:30
A6 Carla's Room Wrecked 1:55
A7 It Appears/The Entiy 2:40
A8 Carla 2:34
A9 The Power 1:27
B1 Relentless Attack 1:29
B2 The Entity Lurks 1:25
B3 Helium Attack 2:23
B4 Mozart Source 2:36
B5 Glimmer Of Hope 2:35
B6 Finale: Carla Leaves House 1:25
B7 End Credits 2:28
B8 Attack Music Deconstructed 0:45
B9 Attack Music Demo 0:51
B10 Main Title (Synth Version) 1:32