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Altered Heresy– Entrailed By The Stench Of Blood And Sulfur
Altered Heresy– Encompassed By The Might Of Salt And Mercury
Dakhanavar– Beckoning Celestial Gateways

Two towering infernos of heretical sulphur suffering cast rays of ruin over the land and waters beyond, an inter Atlantic ritual of dark ocean augury, one that preaches audial possession power in name of Altered Heresy and in name of Dakhanavar. Unchained in the age of 2022, these two drivers of disintegration did forge a conspiracy of raw black astral metal—a star searing decadence of celestial chaos and cruelty. So it would be that this tapestry of cosmic harm horizon arrived from the iron galaxy of GoatowaRex salt mercury mutation, an incantation of twin torment upo raven wax of black hole vinyl.

An intersidereal conspiracy incantation, Altered Heresy and Dakhanava form constellations of void cathedral thaumaturgy, ones communicated by their complementary alignments of black metal misery. Altered Heresy takes command of the first half of this conspiracy, utilising direct tremolo dissonance, infectious composition creation, blast beat brutality and unrelenting hellfire attitude to split upon the permanence of the eternal heavens. Dakhanav takes command of the second half of this conspiracy, augmenting the sounds that came prior, and launch acolytes deeper in the seething swirl of space—atmospheric deluge of ambient synth, vast melodics, dominating rasps and percussive battery enabling warp worship enlightenment. A unification of interplanetary insurrection, this is a conspiracy of stellar sorrow gateways that no acolyte of the raw black stars, should be without.