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with Zero Kama fold-out "poster"

Besides Zero Kama, this issue includes Djevel, Deus Mortem, Soph Eon, Vobiscum Inferi, Dapalis Sepolcri and several others. 

(ZZS 113) Zazen Sounds Esoteric Publication Issue 20 (Musical Art/Philosophy/Traditionalism/Sacred Science) This is the new Issue by Zazen Sounds Esoteric Publication. 60 pages dedicated to the Art and Esotericism. We are a free thinking society and welcome all the Individuals that is free by Dogma-Fanatism and Blindness. True Spirituality means Liberation from the Bounds and all kinds of Drugs that society offers & enslave the Individual in Mind and flesh and alter his mind's perspective to transformation and enlightment through empiricism. Spirit Above Matter!