DROWNED - Procul His LP

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SEPULCHRAL VOICE RECORDS is proud to present the highly anticipated
second full length album of Germany’s DROWNED, `Procul His´.
Eons went by, civilisations have passed, Germany's Drowned have covertly
completed the monumental "Procul His", successor to 2014's "Idola Specus".
A relentless cataract of meandering riffs, expanding and improving on
every aspect of previous releases. Unrivalled, hauntingly mysterious,
shaping another deviance of black in their corpus of penumbral aural

"Nacht in alle Ewigkeit, wandelt Tod in Schwingen"

1 Star Tower 5:00
2 Phantom Stairs 7:20
3 Corpse God 4:34
4 Malachite Mirror 5:09
5 Man In Devil In Man 4:40
6 Blue Moth Vault 5:13
7 Seed Of Bones 4:11
8 Chryseos Vas 7:26