ARPIA - Resurrezione E Metamorfosi LP

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Released July 29, 2022.

LP on black vinyl housed in gatefold sleeve with matte lamination, limited to 300 copies.

Co-released with Boomland Records, European customers please order directly from them.

The year after "de lusioni," the evolution continued with Arpia’s second demo "Resurrezione e Metamorfosi", a suite of more than 40 minutes, in which the lyrical element is stronger and the musical research more articulated. The hermetic and dreamlike text develops a continuous becoming, strengthened by the close relationship with the musical structures.

“Resurrezione e Metamorfosi” represents, in the development and evolution of Arpia's musical path, a real distinction in the process of overcoming the models and canons that were affirming themselves at the end of the eighties. In the band’s own words:

It is in fact with this work, composed between 1986 and 1987, that a journey of experimentation with forms and languages began for us. It is a long suite divided into movements that in part is linked to the Progressive music of the seventies and, at the same time, manifests a lyrical and harmonic propensity in stark contrast to the song form. In “Resurrezione e Metamorfosi”, in fact, the relationships between Classical music and Doom appear deeper and more evident, helping to purify the work of Blues residues still alive in European Rock and Metal of those years. From the point of view of the structure, the form of a long suite still appears current. Evident proof is the album “Racconto d’inverno”, from 2009, which follows the same structure in a close symbiosis with the literary dimension of the novel to which it is linked.

“Resurrezione e Metamorfosi”, therefore, still represents for us a living source of inspiration, and we try to correspond to this model without pride but with the most total dedication. This is the reason why this restored vinyl reissue, more than thirty years later, seems to us to unequivocally sanction its relevance.

Parte Prima: Resurrezione
Alla Musa
I Caduti
Torre D'Avorio
Elì Elì Lamà Sabactanì
Domenicano Bianco
Parte Seconda: Metamorfosi
Seppellita Baia
Noi Razza Che Rimane A Terra
Vessazione Scheletrale