HORNS OF DOMINATION - Where Voices Leave No Echo CD

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1 No Beyond (For No One) 7:18
2 Vanish 0:38
3 Untamed 3:39
4 Oscillating 5:09
5 Cold Breath 1:17
6 Where Voices Leave No Echo 5:00
7 Die Here, In Solitude 5:50
8 Throne of Ecstasy 6:43

HORNS OF DOMINATION return at last!
6 years after their rehearsal demo, which resulted in a string of reputable shows and festivals,
HORNS OF DOMINATION will finally release their debut album 'Where Voices Leave No Echo' on October 22nd 2021.
Featuring 8 songs which raise the band's musicality to a new level.
The filth and bestiality displayed on the demo give way to a brilliance and virtuosity within.
Breathing an absolutely oppressive energy over 36 minutes, full of intoxication, rage and trepidation,
HORNS OF DOMINATION manage to put together all the indispensable ingredients for a grand Black/Death Metal album:
mania & madness, tension & atmosphere, frenzy & melody.
A manifesto of excess, suckled at the breast of Mother Darkness where your shredded dreams of humanity and a better world
are served on a platter of bloody skins and sharp strings!
Elevated by an outstanding earthy and highly professional production in this disdainful world of compression & plastic
and refined through mastering by Brad Boatright (Audiosiege),
'Where Voices Leave No Echo' is perfected through artwork by Ernst Morsch (Discordia Graphics).

You’ll die here, in solitude!