CONCRETE WINDS - Nerve Butcherer CD

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1 Nerve Butcherer
2 Chromium Jaws
3 Demonic Truculence
4 Industrial Mutilation
5 Noise Trepanation
6 Intravenous Doctrine
7 Flaying Internecine
8 Paroxystic Flagellator
9 Dissolvent Baptism
10 Astomatous Vomiting

After `Primitive Force´ from 2019, CONCRETE WINDS will deliver their 2nd full length album
fittingly entitled `Nerve Butcherer´ on november 26, 2021.
The content is hard to believe yet even harder to describe as words might simply fail
regarding this vile eruption of utmost hatred.
The record precisely continues where its predecessor left the listener shocked and terrified.
Repulsion on 78rpm, Morbid Angel hunting in bloodlust, Terrorizer infected with rabies or
Funeral Mist`s most dreadful moments may be even understatements for this (surely) god-damned cacophony.
CONCRETE WINDS don`t want to please anybody, nor want they to be accepted.
Their intent is to spread disgust and confusion, their tongue is that of perversion, abhorrence and wrath.

Ever witnessed a biblical plague of locusts?

Well, dare to listen to `Nerve Butcherer´ and you might find the sonic equivalent.
Slaughterhouse atmosphere and total destruction meets even nastier moments to bang your head.
Some folks might say it can`t get more terrible after `Primitive Force´, but watch out for `Nerve Butcherer´…

as this is truly damn fucking mentally disordered!!!

sick, sicker, Concrete Winds