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First reprint: 2020. 

"The Process Archives, Documents, Reflections and Revelations by Alessandro Papa works from source materials and offers one of the most comprehensive and unbiased records of The Process available. It is illustrated throughout with rare photos and reproductions and includes information never unearthed by any researcher before. Papa offers an extensive history of The Process while along the way exploring the development of its theology, practise, structure and ideals. It is certainly an impressive volume which is extremely well documented and referenced. Much material on The Process lacks a critical eye and after many years of studying source materials Papa has been able to make sense of the complex world which was The Process. (...) This is a superb and comprehensive study of The Process. It includes an astounding range of original images and the author has clearly has access to a superb collection of Process materials. There is extensive quoting of original materials and Papa offers a perceptive overview of the history of The Process as well as an insightful consideration of its complex theology in its various stages of development". (Living Traditions Magazine)