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How the Zodiac and Son of Sam Serial Murders Were Meant to Usher in the Coming of Satan

by Jack Myers

497 pages

Totally absurd Satanic Panic book that makes for very entertaining reading. 

Chapters include Crowleymass, Snuff Films, Moon Phases, The Unsolved CA Animal Sacrifices, Colonel Aquino's Temple of Set, The Tale of the Moskowitz Film, The Military Connection and The Continuing Satanic Threat amongst others. 

Reviews go from: 
"Excellent writing and research, this book shows interesting connections allover. Very good argument for why this crime (same as Son of Sam) was prob not committed by one individual. Very informative of a bygone era that is truly scary."


"This book is fraudulent. Over twenty pages of it are devoted to the zodiacs private parts. Portions of this look like they were typed by a mule. The book featured several pictures of David Duke and info on David Duke, disgusting!"