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We start off the new years with a humble collection of books that all appear to be unread/like new. 

CLAVIS volume 4: 'The Green Key'
Dedicated to the occult traditions of the plant realm.
Publication Date: November 14, 2016

Cover by Madeline VonFoerster • ‘The Green Key’ as an invocation of the Viriditas • New images by Robert Stephen Connett • Articles in The Green Key include an analysis of Picatrix incense formulae by Catamara Rosarium • ‘Polyphasic Consciousness’, by Lee Morgan with art from Marzena Ablewska • ‘A Casket of Green Poyson, Newly Open’d’ by John Maplet, with art by Santiago Caruso • Art and alchemy by Dale Pendell • Daniel A. Schulke’s ‘The Spirit Meadow’ • Considerations of plant life cycles in the Magical Garden by Harold Roth • The lore of the Elder tree, by Corinne Boyer • ‘Curse the Eyes of the Thief’ by Fredrik Eytzinger • ‘Marqunis’ Amulet’, a previously unpublished alchemical poem by Ibn Umail, newly translated by Darius Klein • Additonal art by Johnny Decker Miller, Santiago Caruso, Andrzej Masianis, Janelle McKain, Liv Rainey Smith, Tom Allen, John Kleckner and Marlene Seven Bremner.