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Professional manufactured cassette edition, with 6 panels J-card, brand new split full-length between Kommodus and Koreltsak. Some of the best materials from both projects.


In circles stained with the ichor of the damned, alliances of East and West forged by swing of iron blade and break of rusted shackles, comes forth this conspiracy between the mighty Kommodus and the honourable Koreltsak. Born in the age of 2017, Kommodus is an Australian black metal marauder that requires no introduction, with an infamous litany of incantations of Roman supremacy, mythology and history marking Kommodus’ leader, Lepidus, as a true audial sorcerer, his work on Meridians of Sacrifice being no less powerful, his side of the split featuring; acoustic folk passages, harrowing tremolo melodics, trademark breakdown brutalities, eclectic percussive frameworks, war horn instrumentation, mature spell configurations, crystal clear production, splashes of industrial synth and a masterful thematic lyrical poetics.

Born in the age of 2020, Koreltsak is the younger of the two entities, but is no less potent for this youth, the American located entity unleashing a shimmering blade of bushido ensorcelled raw black metal, revelling in the dissonant madness of war with each incantation unleashed upon the battlefields. Here upon Meridians of Sacrifice, Koreltsak delivers some of its greatest spellcraft to date, its side of Meridians of Sacrifice rife with; spectral tremolo melodics, howling vocal oration, blasting blood percussion, hissing production dissonance, acoustic reverie contrast, Japanese female singing, and a dedicated expression of sincere Nippon worship. Needless to speak, Meridians of Sacrifice is a wonderful addition to both acolytes of Kommodus or Koreltsak, their own spell crafts working in perfect combat conspiracy to create some of their most potent works to date.