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by Dictus Rex Genus Astrum

This edition is limited to 200 hardcover copies bound in white Italian cloth, with embossing and red foil in the cover showing the Order's sigil. Hand-bound, sewn spine with ribbon marker.

Specifications: Octavo size (148 x 210 mm.), 130 g. voluminous two side-coated cream paper with 140 g. black end-papers. 103 pages.

After the success of Liber Evthanasias Lvx’s release in 2021, the occult organization known as Gnosis 67 is back with Operation Blind Lord. This new opus can be seen either as a direct follow-up or companion book to LEL, delving deeper into the organization’s philosophy and praxis. Gnosis 67 is a Satanic current that originates in northeastern Brazil and represents an occult movement that connects martial practices, ceremonial rituals and the deep personal development of those who enter this path.

Human beings live imprisoned without knowing it. They believe in an illusory freedom, but their steps and their life as a whole are manipulated according to current guidelines. To fulfill these, and exercise their social status quo, they are willing to carry out their activities automatically. Their thinking, their concepts, their ideas, do not make them question, they just lead them to walk aimlessly. The material world is a true labyrinth, with its varied paths, whether they are different ideologies, patterns of behavior, consumption preferences or moral and ethical concepts, inevitably reflecting on the microcosm of man, in his inner labyrinth. He is lost and astray, with no possibility of orientation.

But there are also those who, differentiating themselves from the others, do not fit into this posture and actively rebel against this situation. These have an adversarial divine spark and have a feeling of repulsion against the world ordered by the demiurge. They are not satisfied with inhabiting a weak and limited flesh body and are the ones who have taken the first step towards their awakening, due to a gnostic predisposition, the result of multiple reincarnations seeking to free themselves from the chains that imprison them on the lower plane of matter. They embark on some form of confrontation, either in the material sphere, through social and political actions, or in the spiritual sphere, embracing different traditions in a way to meet their desire for freedom, to break the bonds of the wheel of reincarnations.

Gnosis 67, like a corrosive force that enters the universe created by the false god, provokes actions that aim at the rupture of the current aeon and the acceleration of cosmic destruction. Extremist and violent action is necessary and for that it requires, in addition to immersion in pain, the daily practice of discipline. The forms of action vary according to the space/time in which they are applied, spreading the toxic nonconformity that triggers the virulent revolt in the environment within its reach. Any oppressive standards, whether moral or ethical, will be crushed by its warlike might.

Collected in Operation Blind Lord are the doctrines and practices of the Gnosis 67, taken the form of rituals, meditations and invocations, and pushed forward through physical and mental self-discipline. It also details more of the organization’s inner workings, and what it’s required to establish a regional cell connected to the Gnosis.

Table of Contents



I - On slaves & kings, predestined to failure, and the chosen victors

II - On the strength, failure and virtues of the Jaguar Spirit

III - The Blind Lord's Reptilian War Jaguars & Satanic Terrorism Against the Modern World

IV - Litany to the Lord of Bones

V - The Blessings of the Irreconcilable Pentagram

VI - Activation of the Irreconcilable Pentagram

VII - Omega: The Enlistment of the Body

VIII - Beta: The Lapidation of the Spirit

IX - The mastery of the mind

X - Reptilian Jaguar Protocol I – Dissolution - The Urubu

XI - The Toxic Patent of the Skull of Gnosis: On the Snake Serum of the Reptilian Jaguar

Liber Evthanasias Lvx - (Scholia)