VIRIDESCENT FUNERAL - Verdant Kingdoms Cassette (66% off)

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Weeping it’s funerary fog from the grave dirt of the damned, bloodstained lips and broken teeth whispering the deluge of the dead, haunting those roots of mournful procession that twist and turn through the dry earth of the wastelands, comes that sorrow service known by title of Viridescent Funeral. Consist of 2 prolific musicians Myst and Astral Serpent, both known for many praised outputs among underground black metal and dungeon synth community, this fresh cadaver has unleashed yet another powerful work of black dungeon metal.

Verdant Kingdoms, the second demo incantation is a soothing sojourn into the faded memories of the weeping dead. A masterful fusion of black metal and dungeon synth, one that seeks more to provide a sombre soundscape to acolytes, rather than tear the flesh from their throats. Vast dungeon void atmospherics, orthodox black metal instrumentation, rasping croak howl orations, varied gloom adventure composition and a host of tremolo and synth melodies to take possession of the mind. The funerary bell chimes. The wind grows cold. The procession of the archaic conifer realms comes to take another to the land beyond.

Limited to 100 copies.