FUNEREAL PRESENCE - The Archer Takes Aim cassette

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"Grotesque, strong-willed and ugly Black Metal of a band that revives the atmosphere and attitude of a long gone but defining era of the genre.

Somewhen, Bestial Devotion (Negative Plane) decided to open yet another, very personal abyss of his dark abominations besides his main band Negative Plane. He wrote 4 songs that couldn’t have been more strange and grotesque. Raw, disturbing black metal from the deepest crypt with utterly weird, cacophonic Dark Throne/King Diamond/sheer horror influences. In 2009 those songs were recorded, banned on a demo tape and sent to selected individuals in a small edition. The love-it-or-hate-it characteristic of this recording became instantly obvious. Sepulchral Voice Records and the Ajna Offensive get infected and offer deals for future collaboration immediately. In 2011, the Ajna Offensive (re)release the 4 demo songs as a 10″ LP with new layout. On the 20th of July 2011, Fenriz of Dark Throne crowns this release as his ›band of the week‹ as the urge for new material in the underground steadily grows. Finally, the debut album ›The Archer Takes Aim‹ is released on CD and LP. It consists of 4 new, unconventionally long songs that will remain in the mind forever due to their pure yet unpolished approach and conjuring magical nature. This album could be a lost jewel from the early days of the 2nd black metal wave. A perfect time machine into the realm of the late 80s and very early 90s when bands such as Dark Throne, Emperor, Poison, Tormentor, Master’s Hammer still were authentic, visionary and malignant. ›The Archer Takes Aim‹ seems like an odd, obstinate relict. The production is raw and ugly, barren and minimalistic and just because of that, it is able to convey the cold void unto the listener as it´s propagandized. Bells, organs and occasional manic clean vocals create a sacral atmosphere. ›The Archer Takes Aim‹ is for devotees of the primal, repellent black metal sound from Scandinavia. And it is for those who want to throw up over the plastic, pathetic charade and the sheer meaninglessness of todays black metal releases. This album will reach cult status by its very own, individual kind.

Available for the first time as limited music cassette"