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New items 6/3

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  ART ABSCONs 'Der Verborgene Gott' LP ASHBORER/FELL VOICES LP CULT OF YOUTH 'Love Will Prevail' LP DEATH SS 'The Story of Death SS' LP DEATH SS 'The Death of Steve Sylvester' LP HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN LP JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES 'The Astral Sabbat' 12" LOST TRIBE LP LUST FOR YOUTH 'Solar Flare' LP LUST FOR YOUTH 'Saluting Rome' 12" MERCY 'Witchburner' LP NIGHT SATAN 'Metal Laser Warrior' LP SABBATH ASSEMBLY 'The Four Horsemen' 7" SHINING 'Lots of Girls Gonna Get Hurt' 12" WHITE HEX 'Heat' 12"

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