GOBLIN Seven Notes in Red pre-order.

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Ajna Bound has teamed up with Fabio Capuzzo to release his first-of-a-kind book on the legendary Italian band GOBLIN. 

The Italian edition: GOBLIN sette note in rosso was released in 2011.

The English edition is titled: GOBLIN Seven Notes in Red. The release date is set for September 1, 2017. 

We will feature a short interview with Fabio in the coming weeks, but suffice it to say that we think Fabio is probably the foremost collector of GOBLIN in the world. 

The book has now been translated and designed and is ready to be announced to the world at large. 

Coming in at 600 pages with over 350 photos, including 8 pages in full color, this 6" x 9" beast will be available in paperback and hardback editions. Designed by Bell Hall. Translated by Fabio Capuzzo and Clelia Gallizio.

Persons ordering the book directly from Ajna Bound or :AJNA: will receive a bookmark and two postcards (one being numbered and signed by the author). 

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