Ajna Bound

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Both books are now in stock and shipping.

ENTARTETE KUNTS- 360 pages of densely packed, orgiastic imagery from a plethora of underground artists. All of the art is relevant to folks who grew up in the punk/hardcore/metal underground. There are two versions of the book: hardback and  paperback.

TABULA OBSCURA- 208 pages of works from Manuel Tinnemans, Sami Hynninen and Timo Ketola. It can be found here.

The official release date for Entartete Kunts was Friday, June 21st and all pre-order copies have shipped out.

Tabula Obscura was due to be out two months ago in America, but due to many issues including being held for ransom by customs officials for close to a month, the books were just obtained. 90% of the pre-order copies have shipped.

People in Europe should be able to find copies of Tabula Obscura at
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