May 14th release date.

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'Finsternis' digipack CD and LP

Track listing :
1. Premier Contact 7:12
2. Deuxième Contact 10:41
3. Totalité 5:36
4. Troisième Contact 8:35
5. Quatrième Contact 6:27

Finsternis has been originally released as a limited CD by Utech Records in 2009, and on vinyl by Public Guilt in 2010.

This issue is the definitive version and includes the artwork wanted and designed by band.

Album description :
Aluk Todolo’s second album Finsternis is composed of one track divided in five sections. Originally conceived as a tribute to Tony Conrad and Faust’s album Outside the Dream Syndicate, the project became a spitiual journey into sound, a conjuration of the cosmic forces of universe. Finsternis is the German word for eclipse, mimetic of cyclic elements, phases and unphases, endless rebeginnings, broken circles and perfect circles. Finsternis proves there is brilliance in the absence of light. Dry, spare percussion grievously mines the scrapes, shrieks and shimmer of mutated guitar and bass. A dangerous, noxious coil of all things black.

ALUK TODOLO embarks on a European tour on... you guessed it, May 14th!

European tour with LUSSURIA (USA – Hospital Productions) :
2013-05-14 Antwerpen Belgium Kavka
2013-05-15 Bruxelles Belgium Dna
2013-05-16 Kortrijk Belgium The Pit’s
2013-05-17 Utrecht Netherlands DB’s
2013-05-18 Praha Czech Republik K4
2013-05-19 Krakow Poland Kawiarnia Naukowa
2013-05-20 Vienna Austria Arena
2013-05-21 Budapest Hungary Trafik Klub
2013-05-22 Zagreb Croatia Kset
2013-05-23 Ljubjana Slovenia Gromka
2013-05-24 Milano Italy Lo-Fi
2013-05-25 Grenoble France L’amperage
2013-05-26 Geneva Switzerland L’écurie de L’ilot

Festivals :
2013-07-09 Göteborg - Sweden - WWDIS Summer fest 2013
2013-07-10 Stockholm - Sweden - WWDIS Summer fest 2013
2013-08-15 Alba Iulia Fortress - Romania - Dark Bombastic Evening
2013-11-09 Wrocław - Poland - Gothic Hall - Wrocław Industrial festival

It should also be noted that the 2010 compilation,On the Powers of the Sphinx, has been issued on CD format with tracks from Aluk Todolo, Nightbringer, Nihil Nocturne and Saturnalia Temple.