Lucifer Rises Again.

Posted by The Ajna Offensive on

Yes, we have decided that we would do a third (and final) edition of the Lucifer Rising Suite 4LP boxset.
As with previous versions, this will include all the original material: 4 full length LPs, 4 page booklet, 2 posters and printed inner sleeves. This edtion will differ from previous editions in that each record will be pressed on splattered wax: 4 records with 4 unique splattered colorations, matching the sleeves attributed to each record.
If you thought the first two editions were a feast for the eyes and ears, get ready for more extravagance. 

For those who didn't witness the first two editions:

There will be European distirbution for the release time via Svart Records in Finland.
Mississippi Records in the US will assist with distribution once again.

At the moment, we have a ship date of May 25th. 

We will hold out on pre-orders until we know that these have arrived on America soil.