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Releases we feel confident announcing at this time:

SATURNALIA TEMPLE - 'To The Other' Gatefold LP (FLAME92)
will be shipping from the pressing plant next week (4/5), at long last.

released in conjunction with Doomentia Records will be ready on Walpurgisnacht.

ARVO PÄRT - 'Passio' DLP (FLAME88)
released in conjunction with Et In Arcadia Ego has finally made it through the test pressing phase.

DEVERILLS NEXION - 'The Sinister Tarot' LP (FLAME94)

A musickal working.

NIFELHEIM - 'SataNataS' cassette (FLAME96)
released in conjunction with Temple of Death Productions. Praise Hail Satan, Praise Hail Satan, Praise Hail Satan!

SALON KITTY - Soundtrack DLP (UF010)
One of our favorite soundtracks has been secured for a vinyl release- the first time ever. We'll have more details once it is off to the pressing plant.

PYTHON - 'Serpent Superstition' LP (UF011)
Superstitions and metaphysical manifestation take control and tell the tales of Python.

The cauldron boileth aplenty with other projects, be certain of that...