Releases we feel confident announcing at this time:

SATURNALIA TEMPLE - 'To The Other' Gatefold LP (FLAME92)
will be shipping from the pressing plant next week (4/5), at long last.

released in conjunction with Doomentia Records will be ready on Walpurgisnacht.

ARVO PÄRT - 'Passio' DLP (FLAME88)
released in conjunction with Et In Arcadia Ego has finally made it through the test pressing phase.

DEVERILLS NEXION - 'The Sinister Tarot' LP (FLAME94)

A musickal working.

NIFELHEIM - 'SataNataS' cassette (FLAME96)
released in conjunction with Temple of Death Productions. Praise Hail Satan, Praise Hail Satan, Praise Hail Satan!

SALON KITTY - Soundtrack DLP (UF010)
One of our favorite soundtracks has been secured for a vinyl release- the first time ever. We'll have more details once it is off to the pressing plant.

PYTHON - 'Serpent Superstition' LP (UF011)
Superstitions and metaphysical manifestation take control and tell the tales of Python.

The cauldron boileth aplenty with other projects, be certain of that...

Written by The Ajna Offensive — March 31, 2015