The last few days of 2014.

Posted by The Ajna Offensive on

Our last day for shipping this year will be Friday, Dec. 26.

Upon our return we should have quite a few new offerings:

Expect these just after the new year:
VOLAHN US version (blue haze vinyl).
*VOLAHN European version (yellow splatter vinyl).
MORTUARY DRAPE black vinyl.
*MORTUARY DRAPE yellow vinyl.
*ÞURSAKYNGI - Volume I - The Essence of Thursian Sorcery
*THE HOUSE OF FLAMES - Book/LP and Book/CD versions.
*TRIBULATION DLP repress. Standard and extremely limited color vinyl versions. Both come with a poster not available in the original edition.

Prices will be established once the individual items have arrived.

Items marked with * are going to move very fast. Reservations are welcomed and encouraged.
Email us direct and don't ask to reserve items here on facebook.
First come, first served.

No money will exchange hands/accounts until we are ready to ship and we have confirmed prices.